Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week#1 Assignment: TLS - Overview & References

Week#1 Assignment:
- Overview & References

Write a short blog post (about 1 paragraph) about our Week#1 'acquaintance jigsaw' TLS activity. What did you think as a participant?  How could you adapt the structure of this activity to your teaching context?

I am a little bit nervous and shy in the first class every year. "Acquaintance jigsaw' from Jeff is just right for me especially in the first class. Linguistically and meatally this activety is perfect. I was given useful expressions and was completely comfortable. I  had chance to know each other.
 The only thing that I care about is that one third of the students in my school is from poor single parent family. This is a shocking news because the previous school that I worked for was so different. As you know the divorce rate in Korea is the third highest in the world! In some cases, surprisingly their parents are in the process of filing for divorce. And they want to hide the facts that their parents got divorced. And as a homeroom teacher when I consult with the students about their family, they are gloomy. I don't claim that the whole things about family and parents have to be hushed up. Because this is not a linguistic matter, Jeff may not like this kind of issue. But as a teacher I have to remember that somebody is unhappy about thier private life and difficult question. Therefore I have to select the qusetions to suit my school context in adapting this activity.  

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